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How accessible is your company or government organisation's website or application? What steps do you still need to take to comply with the WCAG or European accessibility law?

Are you responsible for the digital channels of a government organisation? Then your website, application and digital documents must comply with the European Web Accessibility Directive from 2020.

Accessibility is not only mandatory within government. Websites and applications that offer or sell digital services must comply from 2025. Our experts will be happy to explain to you exactly what you need to comply with and to test your product thoroughly.

Conducting an audit provides your team with the information they need to make informed decisions and develop a plan to meet the Accessible Web Content Guidelines (WCAG or EN301549). This can be for templates, websites or applications.

Our accessibility audit services

WCAG or EN301549 compliance audit

  • We identify at least one non-conformity for each WCAG success criterion not met
  • We recommend a solution for each non-conformity identified
  • This type of audit is useful for preparing an accessibility statement

Are you a Belgian public or semi-public organisation? Take advantage of one of our framework contracts to avoid having to publish a call for tender! Contact us for more information.

Wider Accessibility audit

  • We describe a large number of non-conformities for each WCAG or EN301549 success criterion not met
    • We recommend a solution for each non-conformity identified
  • We also indicate good accessibility practices, even if they do not strictly fall under a WCAG success criterion
  • This type of audit is particularly useful for initiating corrections, as it is organised by priority and stakeholder

Contact us for a personalised offer.

Our strengths

  • Our audit process is based on the official WCAG-EM methodology (Web Accessibility Conformity Assessment Methodology).
  • We have several IAAP WAS certified expert inhouse
  • All our reports are cross-reviewed by 2 experts to avoid subjectivity
  • Our reports are solution-oriented: they contain illustrations, recommendations and code examples to help solve the problems raised
  • We offer reports in English, Dutch, French or German
  • We adapt the report format to your needs: Jira tickets, PDF file, data table, etc.
  • We help you to create your accessibility statement
  • Eleven Ways also offers its services through FPS BOSA, Smals vzw, and Poolstok vendors. Therefore, you (as a member public body) do not need to issue a public tender to commission a WCAG audit or any other service. Contact us for more information.

They trust us, and you?

We have already performed audits for STIB, Itsme, CoronAlert, De Lijn, VDAB, Johnson and Johnson, and many others.